About us, THE Dog walker in Horsforth

 Man's Best friend has been formed by ex serviceman and education sector  worker Ross.  Ross had been helping some local dog walkers improve their  business and became well known for his high standards and caring  nature.  Because of this there was no option to start his own company  but done to a very high standard.  

Ross' sidekick is Bosco the working cocker who works with Ross helping  train and set good standards for the other doggies. A favourite at  Towerwood Vets due to his weekly visits to say hello to the staff, we  are now recommended by them and use Bethany for our grooming service.  

We are first aid trained for dogs, dbs cleared and fully insured. Ross  carries a first aid kit on all walks.  

So how are we different?   

Your dog will be picked up in a custom built van that was designed by  Ross to provide the best possible care whilst travelling for the dogs.  Custom rattle proof cages are very large, have padded floors for  comfort, water bowls and fully lockable. A roof mounted electric fan  will keep your dog cool at all times plus the dividing wall from cab to  rear isn't metal, its a vented wall so the air conditioning from the cab  will flow through, plus this allows inspection of the dogs at all  times. The outside of the van is full of photos of our current dogs and  we also have the private licence plate R8O MBF  (Ross 1980 Mans Best  Friend) Let out one by one your dogs walk will be videoed and photos added to  their very own album on our facebook page.  

Your best friend can be walked alone if you prefer, walked in a group  only if they are good with other dogs, a weeks trial will allow us to  assess their suitability, dogs should be treated as one of the family so  their safety is our number one concern so they will not be allowed to  join our pack if they don't bond with the others.  

The grooming service allows your best friend to be collected by us,  walked and then groomed with Bethany before we return them home looking  and smelling great.  

As Ross has also been in the fitness industry for over ten years now, he  can help you out with anything you need. He has hundreds of clients in  North Leeds and Bradford.  If you have any questions please get in touch. 

Dog walking / walker in Horsforth 

Meet claire

Claire is a mum of four. Two kids, a shithzu called Beau and a show cocker called Leo.

Having previously worked in the financial sector for over 20 years,  Claire now wants to have quality family time so has left this sector.  Having a lifelong passion for all animals, dogs in particular, Claire  has been in touch since we launched expressing an interest If I ever needed any help.